Stories about the" Land of Make Believe" map.

We knew that  many people had grown up with this map. 
There had  to be stories about children's and adult's experiences while growing up with the map.
"The Land of Make Believe" map, was displayed on walls in doctors and dentist offices, bedrooms, playrooms, so
many places.  Originally, the "Land of Make Believe Map image was printed as a poster.  We are regularly contacted by clients that have located or still own one of the older versions of the map.  Maps produced prior to 1999 were not printed with archival ink sets or paper stock.  This is why the older maps often show varying levels of faded image and paper degradation.
Keep in mind that any printed product with standard color ink, placed in direct or strong indirect sunlight will eventually fade and suffer from UV damage.  Most of the older maps I have observed have lost all color, where the only remaining layer of printing ink still visible will be what we call the "black line" layer,  this is the layer that forms the black ink detail in the a CMYK printed image.

Imaging products today are highly stable with stability of most common printing papers and imaging inks designed to last well over 70+ years with out fading.  Even fine art paper of today or designed to remain stable for well over a hundred years.  RDI focused great energy ensuring that our products offer above the industry standards of quality and stability in the product we offer for sale.

So when Rosen-Ducat Imaging researched fullfilment of product order on a global basis, we partnered with highly professional imaging labs located in the, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand,  These relationships allow our organization to offer our image products on a global scale and at our level of imaging stadards. If you live in the USA the the order is fullfiled from one of a number of regional Digital Production Labs.  Your order is fulfilled by a lab in your country of residence. 


  Were as the posters printed from 1900-1980 will fade in a matter of years, the reproductions Rosen-Ducat Imaging creates will last multiple life times, allowing this wonderful print to become a possible family heirloom.  It is not hard to imagine an eight year old girl or boy snuggled in bed,  imagining walking the
paths of the map.  This is a place for telling those stories.  



If you have a story you would like to share, please email it to [email protected]


Feature Story of the month:

I'm 60 now and have a jaro hess "The land of make believe" that my grandfather left to me when he passed.              
I remember being 6 or 7 yr old and going to spend the week end at their house, first time away from my parents over night, 
scared in a strange house at night. On the wall beside my bed I would lie there and travel around that
map for hours at times and seems like every time I would look at it I would find something new I never seen before.
His father taught Sunday school in his later years and it was in his office there at the church.

When he left he gave it to my grandfather and it stayed there till my grandmother developed alzhimers  and he sold the home and everything there to be with her near the hospital. He gave his children and my mother, a few things and some cash. They wanted the land of make believe because they grew up with it but he wanted me to have it and I still do.
                                                                                                                                                                   Bobby Santi