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Philly in the fall.
Zone of Transition, Diworth Park Subway Entrance City HallYellow Chairs and Tables, Diworth Park  City Hall, PhiladelphiaA happening at Dilworth Park.A pedestrian experience the data streamMoving hazards of different types.Just me and a orange safety cone, standing, waiting for the light to change.Three Modes of trasnportation.SEPTA Mass TransitKIDS On Bikes At NightKIIDS On Bikes ll acceleration and deceleration Parkside Beef & Ale all lite up.KIDS On Bikes lll  Stoped they become visibleCity Boys traveling through a dream.Two of eachCity Light ConstellationCity Hall Interior PassageBus # 58 RT21 69th StreetBus Stop SmileReflected Light CascadeTwo Suns to City HallAmerican Flags and Four Arrows Pointing Left