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I learned “paw” from my dog friend.

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Yes Please. FHAR Cats 11-15-2017 rosen-ducat©2017_-8826FHAR Cats 11-15-2017 rosen-ducat©2017_-8826

the polite kitten says please.

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the constant motion of water Q-DSCF3824Q-DSCF3824

Is water in constant motion? Can that motion be captured in a still image?

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Hana had a cookie DSCF4145-Edit-2_volume_08282017_0001DSCF4145-Edit-2_volume_08282017_0001

Hana smile

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autumn colors DSCF0066-Edit_0001_ard©2016DSCF0066-Edit_0001_ard©2016

]]> (Allan Rosen-Ducat Photography & Imaging) Sun, 04 Dec 2016 09:53:10 GMT the soft light of dusk Commercial Photographer, Fine Art Photographers, Photographers In Phoenix Az – LCloud Fine Art Images

the colors of the fading light grow softer with each passing moment.

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"Just A Moment", or A moment of timelessness_Q-DSCF3824_Multiple realities,Q-DSCF3824The longer I watched the water the more I realized that water never ceases to move. Fluid, changing states, a gas, a solid. I was looking at the silky surface waters of one of Maine's south western lakes. I wondered could I capture the this moment, was it even possible. Could I see the water and the reflections of the sky and land. What I imaged was pure gesture. Not the gesture of an artists mark, but the gesture of nature, a gesture of time and light. Wait and then a zephyr of a wind ripples the waters surface. So minimal, yet, so grand, just becuase.

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A Moment West of Quartzite, Arizona West of Quartzite Arizona_DSF8222_Blog entryJust West of Quartzite_DSF8222Life is made up a moments lined up one after another. This image is titled: "Just A Moment". In the Desert west of Quartzite I stopped for a rest. The temperature was about 111 degrees.

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